Saturday, October 1, 2011

Half Birthday!

Today Seth turned 6 months old -- happy birthday, Seth!

Guess what that means?
(Other than professional pictures and a doctor's appointment?)

Seth is allowed to start trying solid foods now! He's been 100% on Mama's Milk up til now (except those few droplets Dad has snuck him of...well, I won't tell you what).

I'm a little nervous about sharing our plan with everyone, because it's not normal. But here goes!

During my hours of midnight iPhone google searching (usually about how to help Baby fall asleep better), I somehow came across something called "Baby Led Weaning" or "Baby Led Solids." At first, I thought it sounded interesting, but too innovative, so I probably wouldn't actually do it. But then I came back to the idea. - and bought "the" book on it. Baby Led Weaning, by Gill Rapley

Essentially, now that many babies are starting solids at 6 months, they have much more ability to work on actual solid foods...not just be stuck with mushy, spoon-fed foods. Also, sticking with milk for the main source of nutrients is recommended til about a year of age. So, Seth can eat anything we are eating, as long as it's healthy (for the most part). At first, "eating" will be all about exploring new textures, practicing chewing (gumming), and figuring out new tastes. What fun! Since he already puts everything in his mouth anyway... ;)

Today we started him out with a nice Honey Crisp apple.

Waiting patiently (wondering what is hanging from his neck)

Hmmm...what is this new toy?

Checkin' it out.... Look at that pincer grip!!

Must put it in the mouth!

Lick it

Doing pretty good there :)

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  1. That's how the first two were, and how I had planned things with m. But since she isn't gaining as quickly as many would like, I'm trying more veggie/fruit purees this time. It doesn't feel right to me.