Friday, October 14, 2011

Solid Foods Update

How is Baby Led Weaning going?

Let's just say, not as well as I'd hoped.
I'm not giving up yet, but I have taken a step back.

Babies have sensitive gag reflexes that are farther forward on their tongue than adults', and Seth has always had an extra-sensitive one (often gagging on his binky, my finger, his thumb if he yawns). So he's gagged a lot. He's always been able to clear his throat, so he's not choking, but it's not fun to watch!

We got baby food at our shower, so we're starting with that, so he at least gets to learn how to swallow. But I don't care how much he eats, and he's in control a lot.... although I have been holding on to the spoon because i was tired of picking it up from the floor. ;) Sometimes he gets a chunk of something - slightly cooked carrot, for example, to chew on.

 He also uses things like these that i can put food in. So far he's tried a chunk of grapefruit.

Food that he's tasted:
rice cereal
strawberry banana yogurt (the only thing he didn't make a yucky face at)
raspberry vanilla yogurt
mashed potatoes

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