Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I have a few crafty posts I've been meaning to post, but my camera/sd card are never around when I have the time to post. :)

Seth has come such a long way since my last post! We've worked very hard on naptime, so now if I'm home I can put him in his crib for all his naps...finally. Sometimes, like yesterday, he wakes up often, but that just meant I put him down more often...and was still able to get quite a lot done. The biggest improvement, though, has been that I don't have to wait until he is 110% asleep before putting him down. It's amazing.

He's been changing things up lately, too...falling asleep in the swing...falling asleep on his own. Ok, the latter only happened once. But it happened, and I was flabbergasted.

He has been experimenting with different sounds his mouth can make, which is very cute. He has finally started laughing! (Friday!) Just like his smiles were (sometimes still are), it's hard to draw a laugh out of him, but when he does, it is so cute.

He loves to sit up, supported. Laying down is for babies, Mom! He just started grabbing his legs, and finding his feet. I'm sure rolling over will come soon. He still does not like tummy time, unless you catch him in the right mood. I tell him if he rolls over on to his back, he can end tummy time. :)

Saturday we go for his 4 month pictures, and Monday are his 4 month shots. What a wonderful birthday gift! Not...! :)

We get lots of visitors...Grandma Barkley this weekend, seminary friends Monday night, then my family plans to stop by on their way to MN...and we'll go to MN for 6 days too!! Lots of fun!

I love this age :)