Thursday, February 23, 2012


Usually I do not share what I give up for Lent, if I even give up anything.

This year, I am being pretty ambitious. Adam and I decided to both give up pop. That's our #1, no compromises (the one we probably feel most confident in keeping). We also want to try to limit extra-spending/eating out. That one is so much harder to qualify!

I also am trying to get back on track with life...eating well, exercising, sleeping, chores, yup - the whole gamut. See? Ambitious.
But, I feel like, 6 weeks is doable, right?

So, now I need to get off my tush & practice this, or before I know it, it will be Easter!

and Seth will have turned 1!!

So I'll be needing to plan his birthday stuff this Lent, too. ;)

For myself:
No Soda!
No caffeine!
We'll pick out a couple times to eat out & decide what goods we'll need to buy & not do anything else!
Use Be Well Serve Well to help track & eat fruits & veggies, also exercise. Carrying Seth around helps a lot, but try to Zumba or 80s video 3x/week.
Keep up with Chore Cards in order to:

  • keep on top of papers
  • keep house Seth-friendly
  • help Adam with dishes, etc.
Essentially, I want to feel good about how I'm living my life. ;)

And, OF COURSE, T.A.W.G. (Time Alone With God)