Friday, October 14, 2011

Sunday Mornings

Sunday mornings are a challenge, and that's putting it lightly. I fully believe Seth should be in church as much as possible. I'm not opposed to the nursery, but it's not going to be my first choice. Actually, it's a last resort.

But while Seth is an infant, and very dependent on his morning naps, Sunday mornings are difficult.

I posted a status a while back asking for advice -- and I appreciated the responses -- but not much has changed. It got a little better for a while, but then Sunday School started back up, which meant Adam and I got busier. For the last month or so, by the time 10:15 church starts, Seth is a wreck.

Background: Most mornings, Seth wakes up between 7 and 7:30 and then about an hour later is ready to go down for his morning nap. So we get up on Sunday mornings about the same time but he is not able to get a nap in until 11:30-noon. The most he goes at other times during the day is 2 hours between naps, so this is him being awake at least twice as long as he's used to. He also will rarely go to sleep being rocked...there is just too much to see!

By the time the sermon rolls around, Seth has been screaming.

Ok, before I start complaining, I'll just stop. :)

But my goal is to figure out something that works, in order for Seth to be in church. Perhaps my dreams are just too lofty, but for now I'm going to cling to them.

The parents on Sunday mornings: Adam teaches the high school class from 9-10. I do the Sunday School opening at 9, then we run around and take attendance. I also listen to kids' memory work throughout the morning. I direct the choir and Adam sings in it, usually at just the 10:15 service, but sometimes also at the 7:45 service. People are more than willing to hold's just the sleep thing!

If anyone has any insight on making this work, feel free to share. Just know that I may or may not take your advice. :)


  1. His napping habits sound just like Jude's! He still takes 3 naps a day, which can be a blessing and a curse. Do you have an early service? Is taking him to that an option?

  2. Yep - Seth takes about 3 naps a day, although the time of them varies per day!
    We have an early service @ 7:45, which we've talked about doing, but we've had weird schedules at church lately (often singing at both services). In any case, we sing at late service 3 out of 4 services, so we at least have to be at church for 3 hours each Sunday.