Friday, September 23, 2011

Bookshelf Cover

With Seth approaching 6 months very quickly, this means he will be starting solid foods soon!

We have a bookshelf in our dining room that houses our cookbooks and other various items.

I thought it would be a good idea to protect that stuff from flying food. :)

So I decided to make a semi-quilted cover. Attached with velcro to easily remove it and throw it in the wash.

Various fabric I was saving for just such a purpose.
Thread (yellow and black for me).
Velcro dots.

I decided to do strip piecing. So I chose my favorite fabrics and cut a 3.5 inch strip of each.

Then I sewed them together two at a time.

I cut the pairs in half, rematched them with a different half (lengthwise) and sewed those together. So I ended up with 3 panels of 4 strips.

Then I cut those into 3.5 inch each strip had 4 squares.

I laid them all out to decide what went well together and then sewed 3 together. So I had 6 panels comprised of 12 squares.

I cut strips to fit between all these panels of a different fabric 2 inches wide. I sewed those all together. I sewed strips the same width down the sides but sewed 4 inch strips to the top and bottom so it would meet my length requirement.

Then I sewed on my backing (I did it the quicker way, sewing right sides together most of the way around, turning it right side out and finishing the hole.) then I topstitched around the whole edge to reinforce it and for decoration.

I put the Velcro dots on the bookshelf and the matched them up with the quilt so they would be even.

And the finished result:

Yay! A safe place to keep some things!

Keep an eye out for pictures of the actual eating of solids!

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