Thursday, September 15, 2011

Make It and Love It

So I'm rather obsessed with another blogger, Make It and Love It. Pretty much everything she makes, I want to make. and she makes it seem so doable!

First I made Seth these rings:

Tutorial Here
Easy...Just sew some tubes of fabric, stuff them and stitch them together round each other.

Next I made Adam his Father's Day gift.

I guess the pictures aren't the greatest, but it's a clay pot filled with candy. :)
Tutorial Here
Again, easy! paint a pot, sew a tie using her pattern, glue together & fill with candy!

Then I made some comfy flip flops.
I got some cheap Old Navy flip flops, which I usually can't wear because they rub between my toes and I can't stand them. But her tutorial gave me a nice way to fix that! These ones are a little loose, but I can redo them easily if I want AND I have 2 more pairs to do. Now that it's cool out...haha. 

Finally, I made Seth one of his Christmas presents:
I'm pretty excited to make more of his Christmas. :) Here's the tutorial. She's got so many other projects I can make, too! And in truth, most of them don't take *that* long to do. yay!

It's so nice that he takes naps in his crib now & goes to bed around 7 so I can get some of these things done!

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