Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Homemade Christmas

I made Seth some blocks for Christmas. Guess whose tutorial I used! That's right, Make It and Love It.


For a size comparison.

I made it to go with the rings I made when Seth was less than 3 months old.

Original picture -- he was so small!

For Christmas, I gave my niece a blanket I knit. Originally I was going to have it done earlier, but....that's ok. :)

Then I got a Kindle for Christmas. I was looking for a case, and my favorite were home made ones on Etsy. But...I was like....I could make that! So! Fueled by my new confidence given me by Make it and Love It...I went to  work!

I looked at the Etsy shop pictures and used that as my starting point. I used skills I've been picking up lately from both Make It and Love It and the cloth books I sewed Seth for Christmas.

Today she posted about sewing skills and one of the keys to having confidence is just accepting the praise...not pointing out your flaws! Well, my Kindle cover certainly has the bobbin loops & imperfections, but she's right, I am still super stoked that I made it! I took a chance and it worked! Hoorah!

I've made some more things recently...when I get pictures I'll post about those!

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