Saturday, May 21, 2011

7 weeks!

Baby has been in my arms for 7 full weeks now! We have come such a long way since my last post. I have started working again, but fortunately everyone has been really flexible and understanding. It is a little complicated to juggle the two, especially when he basically refuses to be put down during the day. But we manage.

We are still using the shield to eat. It's only frustrating when NIP (nursing in public) or those times it won't stay on. but for cluster feeding it really helps...he loves to be independent and self-latch & this way he can & I can just relax.

He is starting to sleep more at night...usually at least 3 hrs between feedings & once made it 5 hrs! But I still have to rock him back to sleep every time, so total I am up for about an hour when he wakes each time. He also tends to not want to settle back down when he gets up between 5 and 6. But he's still tired so he gets grumpy. And usually he's back to 2 hrs again so I maaaaybe get another hour of sleep which is hard to fight for.

I got a Moby wrap which we use most days. Then I can be hands free for at least a little part of the day.

Well, I think I can finally put him down for our early morning nap. Later!!

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