Monday, April 9, 2012

Homemade Veg-All

I am a little behind in updating some posts...March was National Crafting Month, so I was busy, busy, busy! I'll try to start posting some of my backed up posts for you!

Here is one I started a while back:

Seth has been eating canned Veg-all for a while now as his main source of veggies. My friend Angie told me about it, "I could feed my kid off of one can for a week."
My family doesn't do canned veggies, so I was skeptical, but even the can looks different, fresher. The few I've tasted don't have the same canned taste I usually taste, either...although they do taste different than fresh or frozen.

Veg all includes lots of carrots, some peas, corn, Lima beans (the only thing Seth doesn't get...I don't like how hard they are), a few green beans and celery.

I realized I could probably make my own version and include anything I want!

I used fresh potatoes and carrots, but frozen peas, corn and beans. Maybe next time I'll get more adventurous. :)

I peeled and diced up 3 each of carrots and potatoes and boiled them til they were soft for a baby with 8 or less teeth. ;)

Then I did the same for green beans, peas and corn - somewhere between one and two cups of each.

I mixed everything together and then stored it in tupperware containers to freeze. Fun: I got a bunch of the small rubbermaid containers that hold about a half cup. To be able to thaw less at a time. It's so fun and colorful!

Note: I've learned about the healthier way to cook veggies by steaming, but I still don't have a steamer, so I just boiled them.



    Get a steam basket! We have one similar to this (I just googled to find you a picture). I bet you could find one at Wal-mart or something. Since the sides are on hinges, it seriously fits about any pot. Put a little water in, set the basket on top, throw in some veggies, and steam away!

  2. Shea, I have one of those on my amazon wishlist, and am waiting for it to go on sale, lol.